Sebastián Gallegos


I am gay, unapologetically Xicano and Brown and I am an undergraduate biological chemistry student.//

Honestly, its tough being hella brown, latino, and gay af in STEM. I just defended my synthesis thesis on the recent discovery of the M3 glycan core in O-mannosylated glycans in front of my entire college’s Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (Students and Faculty), yet no one in the crowd was brown, latino, and/or gay. In presenting my thesis, I truly comprehended how underrepresented I am in STEM. So I decided to google for other people like me, and in doing so, I found this website. It’s amazing that I can actually see other people who are like me. Its refreshing. A few words for people like me reading this: After 21 years of my life, I can finally say that I love myself. I love my brown skin, I love my sexuality, I love the languages that I speak, I love all the knowledge that science has shown me, I love the culture that I have grown up with. I am beautiful, I am a king/queen/scientist/bad b*tch. Yes, latinix culture is inherently homophobic and misogynistic. Yes, gay culture is inherently white. But I consciously chose to acknowledge and call out these issues. We exist! We have power! Unity and acceptance above all things! Stay Flawless!

Snapchat: @fuego0o0o