Gavin McStay


I am gay and I am a senior lecturer in genetics and molecular biology.//

I obtained a biochemistry degree from the University of Leeds and a PhD from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. I spent 10 years working in labs in the USA in San Diego, Memphis and New York City working on cell death and mitochondrial biogenesis. I was then appointed as as assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology. In April 2018 I was appointed as a senior lecturer at Staffordshire University in the Stoke-on-Trent, back in the UK. Here I combine my favourite parts of being a researcher and a lecturer – teaching the next generation of biologists and trying to increase my understanding of biology. I also try to help to make science more visible through activities and communication.

Twitter: @gavinmcstay2; Instagram: @gavinmcstay; Facebook: @gmcstay