Scott Dwyer


I’m queer and I’m a biology PhD student. //

I’m originally from a working class area of Liverpool. I’ve always had a love for biology and the world around me, and would advise anyone with a passion in STEM to follow it and pursue it! I work with Varroa destructor, an ectoparasitic mite that feeds on developing honey bees and vectors a virus called deformed wing virus. My PhD is based at the Warwick Crop Centre, University of Warwick, focusing on the biocontrol of this mite using entomopathogenic fungi and the effect this has on the immune system of the honey bee. I’m the postgraduate and mature representative for Warwick Pride, the LGBTQUA+ group at the University of Warwick, and have been involved with LGBTQUA+ groups at previous institutions. I do wish there were more role models of people like me growing up, yet I am happy to see the continual growth of visibility the LGBTQUA+ community has in STEM (my office is actually 1/3 LGBTQUA+) and beyond and is a reason I wanted to get involved in this project!