Sarmistha Talukdar


I am queer, non-binary, bisexual, ace and I am a postdoctoral cancer stem cell researcher.//


I am a neuroqueer, chronically ill immigrant, experimental visual+ sound artist, activist, community organizer and a postdoctoral scientist.

I decided to become a scientist when I was 5. But I also wanted to be other things. I had a huge love for science which drove me to take up botany during my Bachelors and Masters, and I secured a gold medal for my studies from Calcutta university, India. I discovered a interest in specially cell biology and biochemistry which is why I chose to pursue my PhD in cell and molecular biology. During my PhD studies I narrowed my focus to developing 3D tissue models (normal and malignant) and the role of stem cell engineering in these models. In between my lab experiments I started practicing music and art as a way to relax. While playing music, the notes and chord progressions reminded me of mathematical progressions. Later on, I started sonifying data to music. I moved to US and I have been pursuing my postdoctoral studies. I have converted some of the data from signaling pathways that I discovered from these studies into soundscapes. I do not believe that art and science are separate rigid entities, as each discipline frequently uses (and benefits from) the principles and techniques of the other. Non-conformity, accessibility, along with the intersectional and emergent nature of knowledge is something that I ponder about a lot.

As someone with multiple privileges and facing multiple forms of oppression, I try to merge my artistic vision and science as way to genuinely connect with people and move them towards political action, education and mutual aid. I hope to be a part of a kind, just and accessible world.