Ryan Cadwell


I am queer and I am an electrical engineer.//


I have just taken a position in industry as a radio-frequency engineer for designing electronic components and devices, after finishing electrical engineering degrees at Binghamton University (M.S. ’20 and B.S. ’18).

I did my M.S. research with an interdisciplinary materials science lab group, the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing. My focus was on the study of printed radio-frequency electronic components. We used techniques such as aerosol jet printing, screen printing, and inkjet printing to print metal inks, such as silver nanoparticle ink, onto flexible substrates, such as polyimide. I was involved in the modeling, characterization, and analysis of the printed components; components such as transmission lines, filters, and antenna.

In general, printing of such components may allow the cost of fabrication to be reduced, custom and prototype designs to be more feasible, and the realization of flexible systems. Potential applications of such flexible electronics include wearable/continuous medical monitoring, structural health monitoring, and much more including anything that you might think of related to the ‘Internet of Things’.

Besides STEM, I enjoy paddle-boarding, biking, listening to music, reading, sketching, badminton, tennis (table and non-table), and of course food. Excited to be exploring the lovely Central New York area!