Alexandra Levine


I am a lesbian and I am a cognitive neuroscientist.//


I have always been interested in how things work; dismantling various electronic devices from an early age (firstly making sure they are unplugged, of course), to see how everything fits together and works.
I got more and more interested in Psychology in high school and began my scientific career studying Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at The University of Nottingham. I took a year after my BSc to decide what was next. I took courses in brain biochemistry and psychosomatic perspectives back home, which was Stockholm at the time.
I went on to study for an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York (UK). This was followed by my PhD (with the same supervisor at York) where I investigated the neural substrates of visual advantages in deaf individuals.
I’m currently a postdoc at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

My research is still focused on investigating cortical plasticity following deafness. I mainly use MRI and psychophysical approaches, broadening the scope of my methods to include high resolution imaging in 7T MRI.

I’m passionate about equality and diversity and enjoy taking part in initiatives which strive to create more inclusion in academia. I am a proud postdoctoral member of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee of BrainsCAN. When I’m not working I enjoy exercising, lifting heavy things and putting them back down again, cooking, baking and travelling!