Rodolfo Teixeira


I am gay and I am a research fellow in chemistry.//


Hey everyone! I’m Rodolfo (or Rod) and I’m a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. I am Brazilian, and I previously did a PhD in chemistry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a period at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where my project explored the use of heterogeneous catalysts for photocatalysis.

I came from a quite religious, deprived and prejudice background. I just came out after I left home to start college afraid that if I came out early, I could be made homeless. After I came out I tried never hide who I am, besides the fear sometimes. However, things got better after I came out, both professionally and personally. And I believe that I was lucky of doing research with mentors (in Brazil, Canada and in the UK) that challenged, supported, and believed in me. I fought and still fight against prejudice against foreign and gay people wherever I am. Realizing how crucial supportive mentorship was for me and underrepresented students, I always try to be supportive and make an environment when people can be themselves and not need to go through the fears that I have.