Richard Rachman


I am queer and I am an undergraduate researcher at California State University Northridge, field technician, and future graduate student.//

I am studying mortality in a population of basin big sagebrush in Owens Valley using dendrochronology, as well as a field technician for a federal agency monitoring invasive species and native plant propagation. I’ve worked as an assistant with rodents in coastal sage scrub, researching rodents and harvestmen in Ecuador, and as field tech studying Greater Sage Grouse and their vegetative habitat. Finding my role as a queer leader has been difficult, I started QueerSTEM at my university, and have struggled to find an appropriate work-life balance, as well as recognizing my privilege as a cis-white person and how that influences my leadership and relationships. In addition to looking for a graduate program to attain my goals, I want to create a space for Queer folk to thrive as scientists at my university, even if I’m not a leader within that space. My partner is an environmental scientist, we like hikes, PoekmonGo walks, and weekends in the desert cities.

Instagram @a_wandering_ecologist, Twitter @QueerStem