Paul Donlin-Asp


I am gay and I am a postdoc in cellular neuroscience.//


I’m an openly gay postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt am Main Germany.

Originally from the midwest, I did my PhD studies at Emory University in the ATL. During my PhD studies, I became interested in how cells can regulate when and where mRNAs are made into new proteins- through a phenomenon known as mRNA localization.

My postdoctoral work looks at the most extreme form of this, where >4000 individual mRNAs can be localized within dendrites and locally translated during neuronal activity. I’m interested in understanding how the production of proteins locally aids in the formation of new memories.

Apart from science, in my free time I’m taking advantage of exploring Europe. Oh eliciting confused stares from old people on the Ubahn while rocking crazy colored hair, nail polish, and faux fur jackets. This currently is my raison d’être.