Nicola Luigi Bragazzi


I am gay and I am a biomathematician and biophysicist.//


I got my Medical Degree in general medicine and surgery from Genoa University (Genoa, Italy) in 2011, my PhD in biophysics from Marburg University (Marburg, Germany) in 2014 and my specialization in Public Health from Genoa University (Genoa, Italy) in 2017. I am a member of the Cochrane Association (Cochrane Reviewer) for the Cochrane Epilepsy Group. I am been awarded Young Knight of the Italian Republic by the President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in 2005. Recently, in 2019, I have been nominated as one of the top five biomedical researchers worldwide aged less than 40 years in terms of number of publications, articles in Q1 biomedical journals, total impact factor and h-index. I am currently working on infectious diseases (including COVID-19) and vaccination modelling and big data mining in biomedicine at York University, Toronto, ON, Canada.