Natalia Sizochenko


I am bi and I am a computational chemist/biologist, data analytics expert.//

I am just like you – another scholar who wants to diversify science. As a multicultural immigrant woman in science and a first-generation college graduate, I understand challenges that different categories of students could face in their scientific journey. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to provide academic support for diverse groups of students (at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level), including racial minorities, international, low-income, and first-generation college students. I believe that unique and the most exciting ideas are born when scholars with different backgrounds meet. My own research stands at the interface of chemistry, biology and computer science. However, the way I identify myself as a researcher really depends on the situation, because I was trained to work on completely different things. My background is in chemistry (I earned BSc, MSc, PhD – all in chemistry and currently am pursuing graduate studies in computing), but I have always been conducting interdisciplinary research. I worked in an experimental pathology lab for 5 years, and then I did PhD in chemical informatics (merger of computational chemistry and machine learning). My first postdoc was focused on brutal quantum chemistry, and for my second postdoc, I do bioinformatics.

Twitter: @theory_of_nano