I am queer and I am a marine biologist.//


I am an agender, nonbinary, queer scientist. I’m currently in an MS Marine Biology program. I am in love with elasmobranchs (sharks, skates, and rays)! I research their physiology, biomechanics, and behaviour. I believe that protecting these species takes knowledge of their habitat, behaviour, and physiology. I’m such an introvert that I dreamed of publishing research under a pseudonym, like authors do haha. So, I tend to keep a quieter name and help behind the scenes of organizations and groups. I am a non traditional students (older than most) and have health problems. Between 2013 and 2018 I had 7 surgeries due to health issues. Growing up many teachers, advisors, and students older than me (mostly in undergrad) told me to keep my lgbtq side quiet. To “act” and say I was straight. I was told being lgbtq would hinder my career. In undergrad I helped to create an lgbtqa club on campus, worked with local groups in every city I’ve lived, and continue to help the progress for lgbtq in academia. I refuse to tell the next generation to go in the closet, but I also want to help make a safe space for everyone to be out in!