Michelle Bushey


I am a lesbian/queer and I am an analytical chemist.//

Currently, I work for a US government funding agency, but for 25 years I was a chemistry professor at a small undergraduate school. 105 students made their way through my research lab where most investigated small scale separations in the general field of capillary electrophoresis and porous polymer monoliths. My later research projects also included applications of chemistry to cultural heritage sites. My students worked at the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Alamo where we examined sculptures and frescoes with portable x-ray tools.After a 31 year marriage to a man, and two grown kids, I finally came out to myself and the world. Now in a relationship with an absolutely wonderful woman, I am the happiest I have ever been. As a ‘late bloomer’, I wasn’t an obvious role model for LGBTQ students when I was a Professor, although I did try to foster an inclusive lab climate. Now that I’m out, I believe it’s important to be visible and counted. I’m still learning how to that.