Brooke Bodensteiner


I am bi and I am a biology PhD student.//

My BSc and MSc were in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology studying nesting behavior and developmental biology of turtles. Now in my PhD I am aiming to better understand how ectothermic organisms (in particular reptiles and amphibians), interact with their environments and what that means for their character traits. Rising global temperatures present unique challenges to ectotherms, and these effects are magnified in montane and tropical species, as these types of organisms are already functioning near their physiological limits. Examining the impacts of the thermal environment on morphology, physiology, and behavior with observational and experimental approaches. I am passionate about increasing and advocating diversity in the STEM. I am incredibly inspired by all of the 500 QS stories and the creators of this campaign, you have all given me more confidence to be true to who I am. In my spare time I love to be outside, particularly if I am with my pup.

Twitter @BLBodensteiner