Micah Savin


I am non-binary two-spirit and I am a clinical neuropsychologist.//


I am strongly interested in advancing the field of Clinical Neuropsychology with respect to better understanding the factors of brain and behavior that may predispose individuals to, and result in, neurocognitive disparity in cognitive aging. I examine disparities in trajectories of cognitive aging among American Indians and Alaska Natives with and without HIV. As a first-generation Two-spirit doctoral student, I am very grateful and proud to a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and Ford Fellow Honorable Mention. My National Science Foundation-funded project investigates the neurocognitive implications of minority stress among LGBTQ culturally/linguistically diverse adults. I am also the co-founder of Wisdom Workgroup in Indigenous Neuropsychology Global Strategies (Wisdom WINGS), an initiative formed in 2018 to raise awareness surrounding the neurocognitive needs and wants of Indigenous peoples, to elucidate biopsychosociocultural mechanisms that explain disparities in neurocognition among Indigenous peoples, and to address the marked absence of valid neuropsychological assessments for Indigenous peoples worldwide. Our international symposium includes investigators from Australia, Canada, and the United States and leverages secondary data from as many as 39 different community-based participatory research studies.