Mac Woodburn


I am queer and I am a PhD student, Developmental cognitive neuroscientist.//


I am a first-gen college/grad student from the rural Appalachian hills of Ohio. I never met someone with a PhD until high school, and never knew till college you could get paid?? for your PhD to do the science that gets your curiosity going. Growing up in a conservative small town made it real hard to access science and queer identity, yet I’m here and queer. Now a passionate science communicator to change that experience for future first-gens and queers. Also cis white male queer trying to “get rid of toxic* in the community”. My pop culture references are niche just like my science: my research examines individual differences in brain development and cognition from infancy to childhood using methods from cognitive neuroscience, developmental science, network science.

*racism, homophobia, patriarchy, capitalism, and bad science

tldr; brains, books, boys