Lizzie Roeble


I am queer and I am a botanist. //

I’m a botany nerd with an interest in plant diversity and evolution. Currently, I’m a MSc student studying taxonomy and biodiversity at the London Natural History Museum. I find biodiversity endlessly fascinating, and believe that diversity in all regards should be celebrated. As a student navigating academia, I am inspired by the visibility of LGBTQ+ scientists out in STEM and it gives me the courage to be open and proud on my own path in science. While I grew up in the South of the USA, I was surprised to find my family and community very supportive, and this year I married my wife in a botanical garden in Berkeley surrounded by friends and family. When I’m not working on my postgraduate studies, I like to make chocolate from bean-to-bar, go on botany hikes with my dog Milkshake, and continue on my never-ending quest to visit botanical gardens around the world.