Gaius Augustus


I am trans* female to non-binary male-ish radical queer and I am a PhD candidate in cancer biology. //

I’m an artist turned scientist. I attended a fine arts university, where I focused on film production. Afterward, I worked retail jobs, where I faced heavy harassment that led me into some really bad places. I decided to return to school for science, and my favorite part is being the first to know one tiny thing about how nature works. Let me lay down my truth, though: My advisers have been supportive, but I’ve found the lack of community daunting. I’m surely not the first to express that mental health issues and complicated identities—as hard to express as they can be to understand—compound into a lot of lonely days in the lab. Through long heart-to-hearts with my partner of 15 years, I’ve decided to pursue science communication and education after I graduate with my PhD. I also hope to engage in community research and outreach that can improve the lives of gender and sexual minorities. You can follow me @ProcessofInQUEERy on Instagram or @gaiusdivifilius on Twitter.