Lindy Orthia


I am queer and I am a science communication academic.//

I was a political activist for my first decade of adulthood, campaigning on many social and environmental issues. Most prominently I campaigned around queer stuff, especially in the early 90s when it was exciting and scary to be a queer activist. I came to biology in 1998 when I realised science was a useful tool for supporting environmental struggles. I also realised I could also use it to build a sustainable future for myself. Like, I could have an income while working towards justice for land and people 🙂 I ended up studying postgrad plant systematics, but part way through my PhD I changed disciplines to science communication. I found I was more interested in the history of ideas about science than the nitty gritty of scientific research. I’m now a senior lecturer in science communication at the Australian National University. One of my research interests is representations of science in popular fiction. In particular I’ve published a lot on science in Doctor Who. I’m pleased to say some of my papers have looked at the gender and sexuality of scientists in Doctor Who and what those representations say about our gendered concepts of science. Looking forward to more research on science and queer stuff – watch this space 🙂

Twitter: @lindyorthia