Ash Sendell-Price


I am gay and I am a population/speciation geneticist and PhD student.//

My doctoral research uses next-generation sequencing techniques to study the genomic level changes that take place during the speciation process, using an island colonising bird – the silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) – as a model system. This species is particularly useful for studying speciation as has colonised numerous islands across the south Pacific since its origin on the Australian mainland over a range of timeframes. Interestingly, my study species belongs to a group of organisms referred to as ‘great speciators’ – so called for their propensity to rapidly differentiate. I am particularly interested in the use of molecular techniques to understand how populations respond to natural and human-induced changes to the natural world.I am inspired by the stories of LGBTQ+ researchers, and hope adding my story will help to highlight the diversity in STEM.

Twitter: @AshSendellPrice