Lee Moore


I am gay and I am a nurse practitioner and a nurse educator.//


I took a very winding path to psychiatric/mental health nursing. Starting as a high school teacher of history, I realized that the students I worked with needed much more than what I could provide at 22 years of age; this led to the beginning of my journey through various graduate programs, including ones focused on professional counseling, counseling psychology, and nursing itself. Nursing speaks to me in a way that no other field has thus far, as it almost perfectly combines my love for human services, talk therapy, and education together in a way that truly values the individual, the systems in which they exist, and the never-ending work of improving our own surroundings and livelihoods. I have more recently entered the realm of nursing education and hope to start conducting research in this realm; our society is in desperate need of more nurses and this demand will only continue to grow, so if I can play a very small role in the education of these future nurses and nurse practitioners, I will have met my goals.