Adam Roser


I am gay and I am a meteorologist.//


Hi there! I am meteorologist for NOAA’s National Weather Service office in San Diego, where I continue to discover my passion for weather and science communication across a diverse landscape. My interests include deploying to local government agencies and events to provide weather forecasts and information, as well as teaching weather phenomena to young children and adults alike. As someone who always has gone for their dreams, I was not only able to study meteorology in undergrad, but also French and then Emergency Management in grad school. Though driven, I did always wonder if being gay would hinder chances at a successful career.

I have now been in the NWS for 5 years and have noticed a shift in our culture toward curiosity and acceptance within minority groups, especially within the last year. I am proud to be living my authentic self in the STEM field and throughout my life. Knowing that there are others like me in this field has made a huge difference.