Krystopher Lawrence


I am a nonbinary trans man; aromantic; and queer with a preference for men and I am a biomedical engineer in a PhD program. //

I’ve always wanted to pursue life sciences as well as balance masculinity and femininity. I stopped identifying as cisgender at 17, right when I graduated high school. I’ve been nonbinary my entire time in higher education, but it took me a couple years to realize I’m simultaneously male. I’ve been met with a lot of acceptance and warmth, and I’ve rarely feared being myself at my alma mater NYU and my current institution UCI. As much as I love my academic work, a desire for creative expression and support for LGBTQ+ folks encourages me to succeed. I want to be a role model and to someday help bring resources to people like me. Seeing examples of diverse queer identities and experiences helped me discover myself and learn to accept others, so I hope my own efforts pay the help forward.