Krystal Rancourt


I am a lesbian and I am a wildlife biologist.//

When I think about how I got into STEM, it was because my time outdoors and hunting uplands, birds, white-tailed deer and moose with my Dad. Asking anyone who knew me at a young age, I was obsessed with the living world and the large mammals it had to offer. But as my life progressed, I started focusing my future aspirations on what society wanted me to be rather than listening to my true self. As a result I have a Biomedical Biology degree and a M.Sc. in Forestry. My path isn’t conventional for a wildlife biologist but I was about finding my true self again. I completed my undergraduate with studying wolverines in the Yukon and it ignited my passion for wildlife again. For my Master’s, I had the opportunity to study moose, a species held dear to my father’s heart. To date, I’ve had the opportunity to study species like moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolverines and many more. I am proud of my journey and grateful that I’m able to be visible for my queer community, so that younger folks can know that we exist and can be successful.

Instagram: @stuff_krystal_says