Kevin Kohl


I am gay and I am an animal physiologist and microbial ecologist. //

I completed my undergrad degree in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I then went to the University of Utah to complete my PhD, where I studied how gut microbial communities allow herbivorous mammals to consume toxic plants. For my postdoctoral training, I spent time in Argentina studying how lizards physiologically respond to high-fiber diets. I continued my postdoctoral training at Vanderbilt University, where I investigated how gut microbial communities are specific to each host species. I started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2017, where I continue to study interactions between animal physiology and gut microbial communities. As a professor I strive to be a visible and active member of the LGBT+ community. I enjoy taking part in the OutGroup meetups at various scientific conferences and serving as an informal mentor for LGBT+ students.