Christopher Schmitt


I am queer and I am a primatologist and evolutionary biologist. //

I study the evolution of growth, development, and obesity in nonhuman primates using a combination of morphology, quantitative genetics, and genomics. I started out in Milwaukee Public Schools, got my BS in Zoology and English Literature at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and my MA and PhD at New York University in Biological Anthropology. I completed postdocs at both UCLA’s Center for Neurobehavioral Gneetics and at UC Berkeley’s Human Evolution Research Center, and was a lecturer at University of Southern California before settling in as Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Biology at Boston University. When not in the lab or field, I spend a lot of time swimming, camping, reading either comics or feminist science fiction, and singing to my cat. I also write about field mishaps at a long-neglected blog, “Things I Learned as a Field Biologist” (, and help run the QueerBioAnth group of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.