Kendall Neilson

They/Them | She/Her

I am queer and I am a young professional.//


I recently graduated California Polytechnic University (SLO) with a B.S. in Environmental Management and Protection and a minor in GIS and Sustainable Environments. Upon graduation, I had the opportunity to continue my internship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the third year while I decide on a grad program. I currently support the lab’s Environmental Functional Area by helping the bio and stormwater teams with reporting, tracking, and developing management plans. I also support the lab’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) with the monitoring and tracking of waste and energy data. In addition, I provide support to the various sustainability initiatives here at the lab, such as the electric vehicle program, the recycling and compost program, and employee outreach.

Currently, I am learning to navigate the professional field as a newly-out nonbinary individual. I’ve thankfully been met with support within the workplace, which makes it easy to be my most authentic self. The next step in my professional development will likely be grad school where I intend to focus on studying climate resilience, environmental policy, and environmental justice. I hope to apply systems thinking and sustainability principals to help create healthy, stable communities for generations to come.