Juniper Grimes


I am trans and I am a paleoecologist researcher.//

I am a transgender conservation paleoecologist conducting baccalaureate research at Oregon State University. I look at adaptive vs non adaptive responses of desert rodents in the American Great Basin in the face of anthropogenic and natural environmental change. Specifically I research how morphological shape and dietary flexibility work in accord to buffer species in a changing landscape through space and time. I moved to Oregon from Grapevine, TX, largely in part so that I could transition in a more progressive region of the country. Growing up in Texas wasn’t easy and like many fellow trans people, I felt the need to hide who I was. Since moving to Oregon I have still had my fair share of obstacles, but despite it all I have persevered. Lately however, I have noticed a growing wave of support and inclusivity from many STEM fields, spearheaded by the trans and queer scientists before me. My lab in particular, is cognizant of my unique story and wholeheartedly supports me. I hope these types of settings becomes the norm for other trans/queer people. As more and more queer scientists are respected for their work and given support, we can continue to break down barriers and challenge the single story of who can be a scientist.

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