Julia Kohl


I am bi and I am an officer for international mobility programs.//


I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Regensburg and now work at the TU Wien in the International Office where I take care of Erasmus+ students. I grew up in Germany and Austria, the two countries where my family has its roots. In my studies, I preferred to focus on historical research in the Regensburg region, which also led to the topic of my master’s thesis: Alpine Club Culture: from Hut Building to Hitler Youth. The Regensburg Section of the German Alpine Club from the 1870s to the 1940s.

Being queer has also influenced my everyday work at TU Wien, as in 2020 the TU Wien Ally* Network was launched to improve the acceptance of LGBTIQ (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/inter*/queer) people at TU Wien and to successively establish a culture of openness. In this network I am involved together with 15 other Ally*s across all faculties and the central services of the TU Wien to actively support the rainbow community and to stand up against homophobia and discrimination.

In my free time I’m out in the mountains climbing, mountain biking or ski touring.