Jukka Kallijärvi


I am gay and I am a molecular biologist and biochemist. //

I’ve been interested in very nerdy things since I was a school kid, and natural sciences was an obvious choice for me. I grew up in a working-class family with very little contact with the academic world, so my parents were mostly unable to advise me on career choices. But I got full support for whatever I decided to do. Currently, I’m a senior researcher/co-PI in a small research group working on models of mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency in Helsinki, Finland. My work is extremely versatile, encompassing everything from lab work and guiding students to writing grant applications, attending conferences, and administrative tasks. I love almost everything about my job but particularly the daily communication and brainstorming with my students. I’m in my dream job, so I hope we get funding and can continue our important work for many years to come.