I am gay and I am a 3D printing materials chemist and PhD student.//


I use a combination of polymer chemistry, materials science and mechanical engineering to make 3D printing into a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacture alternative.

As a first-generation student from a low income family, it was a dream come true when I was able to start working in chemical research as an undergrad at the College of William and Mary. During that time I discovered a passion for polymer science that caused my interests to shift towards material science. Because this realization was made late in my degree, I worked in industry as a polymer chemist for a couple years to do some soul-searching. There I developed an interest in additive manufacturing as well. Now, after completing some non-degree graduate-level work to get a better understanding of 3D printing techniques and methodologies, I have finally begun my PhD in Materials and Biomaterial Science and Engineering at UC Merced.