Jonilee Polanco

I use all the pronouns! They/them, she/her, he/him, ze/zir, etc. all good!

I am Latinx (trans/genderqueer), pansexual, polyamorous and I am a researcher and communicator.//


Hello, fellow humans! My name is Jonilee Polanco, I’m a Disabled Latinx Pansexual Polyamorous Biochemist Musician (wow that’s a lot)! I am extremely passionate about science and it’s ability to change the world, as well as communicating that science to the public, and integrating the arts and the sciences! I have had the opportunity to intern at the prestigious NASA Headquarters (KSC) and am soon to be published following those research efforts. Following NASA, I received an International Research Experience through the NSF to conduct research at the “End of the world,” in Puerto Williams, Chile. Much of my research falls within the realm of the plant sciences and I hope to go on to get my PhD in either Plant Neurobiology or Ethnobotany! I am in the process of writing an autobiography on my life experiences, with an emphasis on my experiences in STEM, titled: Crazy Intelligent Queer Brown Girl. I am submitting to this page to be a point of outreach and representation for any others like me—you are not alone—and yes, Latinx queer people work at NASA.