Jonathan Mathias Lassiter


I am same-gender-loving and I am a clinical psychologist and health disparities researcher.//

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and health disparities researcher. I utilize online survey and community-based participatory research methodologies. I investigate the relationships between spirituality and other resilience factors and the health outcomes of people who currently experience and have historically been subjected to societal oppression (i.e., sexual and racial minorities). In addition to the numerous journal articles I’ve published, I was the co-editor (with Dr. Lourdes D. Follins) of Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation. This book received the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association’s Achievement Award in 2017. It is the first and only text to focus solely on Black LGBT American’s health.

Twitter: @matjl, Instagram: @jmlassiterphd