John Whale


I am gay and I am a population geneticist/molecular ecologist PhD student.//

Yo! I’m currently a PhD student in Sydney, Australia after (growing up and) doing my undergraduate and Master’s in the U.K., then another Master’s in the USA. I’m studying the population genetic structure and adaptive potential of a group of Eucalyptus tree species to a changing climate. Oh and there’s some stuff about hybridisation and introgression (promiscuous cross-species breeding and sharing of alleles/genes) in there too. Basically, I’m trying to figure out if these trees have the genetic capacity to tolerate projected future climates and build a scientific framework for their conservation. In between periods of “work” I like to break LGBTQ+ stereotypes, but, you know, iced coffee is life! <3

Twitter: @jwwhale, Instagram: @jwwhale