Joe Nunez-Mino


I am gay and I am an ecologist and conservation biologist. //

As an out gay man, I am fully aware of the discrimination and prejudice that still exists. It’s only when more of us stand up to be counted that the world will become more welcoming. I’ve been working in conservation for over 15 years both as a research scientist and an applied conservationist. I’ve worked with a variety of species but seem to gravitate to those that are misunderstood and undervalued. My work has taken me to several countries in the Neotropical region but I’ve also worked in the UK. For the last 4 years, my work has focused on bat conservation in my role as the Director of Communications and Fundraising for the Bat Conservation Trust. I value diversity in all its forms, from biodiversity in the natural world to diversity in the workplace. We need people from all sorts of backgrounds to engage with the environmental threats that will ultimately impact all our lives, and those of future generations.