Jackson Reyna


I am trans and I am a chemist. //

Hi everyone, I’m currently an undergraduate finishing up my Bachelor’s of Science in chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. After finishing my first year, I had the privilege of joining an amazing outreach program called Fun with Chemistry. I have since fallen in love with all things outreach, chemistry, and explosions! Fun with Chemistry is the outreach program I proudly serve that is dedicated to showing kids (with fire and explosions) that science is fun and entertaining, and that literally anyone can be a scientist. Since joining this program, I have helped reach out to over 20,000 kids annually, and been a part of incorporating new explosive demonstrations. More recently, I’ve pioneered a new branch of Fun with Chemistry known as S.T.E.M. oUT. Our newest branch offers S.T.E.M.-tailored allyship training for all College of Natural Science organizations on campus—and within the next year, will support our LGBT+ youth.