Jess Bulafka


I am non-binary queer and I am a medical student.//


Hello! I’m Jess and I’m a queer, non-binary medical student. After getting a BSc in Biology I worked as a research coordinator in a Clinical Genetics lab. Originally I wanted to pursue the molecular biology route of genetics, but most of the studies I ended up working on were actually psychobehavioral assessments of the impact genetic testing has on patients and their families. I enjoyed spending time with patients and hearing their stories, and that steered me toward medicine.

As I entered medical school I began to explore this concept of iatrogenic emotional trauma within the experiences of queer people navigating healthcare. I’m currently working on a questionnaire-based study to better address the urological and sexual health needs of transfeminine people. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing, please DM me or visit “” through Fall 2021 🙂

Embracing my queerness is the biggest kindness I’ve ever given myself, and being visible is a way I can pass that kindness onto others. This year I began including my pronouns in school emails and virtual classes. I was self-conscious at first, but then I saw more and more of my classmates adding their pronouns and it felt great.