Brooke Mason


I am a lesbian and I am an engineer.//


Hi! I am a third year PhD student in civil engineering, focusing on intelligent systems, at the University of Michigan. I am motivated by algal blooms and polluted runoff which are threatening our waterways. Presently, stormwater is routed passively through various stormwater pipes, channels, and ponds resulting in minimal water treatment. My research seeks to improve water quality by enabling smart stormwater systems to measure and control stormwater assets to treat the stormwater as it flows through the watershed. These systems will use sensors and actuators to adapt watersheds to individual storms, transforming our watersheds into distributed water treatment plants. Akin to a self-driving car, the watersheds of the future will adapt themselves in real time to maximize water treatment.

My path to an engineering PhD has not been linear. My first degree was in environmental policy. I then worked for few years running sustainability initiatives at a university. It was there that I realized I should have been an engineer and went back to school. Five years later, here I am!

Outside of research, I spend my free with my wife, Julia, and pup, Cammy. We love experimenting with new recipes or exploring the beautiful outdoors. I’m an open book and happy to chat, so just reach out!