James K GIbb


I am gay and I am a human biologist and biological anthropologist.//

I am currently graduate student at the University of Toronto. My research primarily focus on understanding the long-term impacts of social adversity experienced during childhood and adolescence by persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities (SGM). SGM youth experience disproportionate amounts of bullying, social isolation, harassment, hate motivated violence and discrimination in comparisons to their heterosexual peers. Identifying the health consequences of these experiences will enable policy makers and health care professionals to develop interventions frameworks and support infrastructures to mitigate and reduce adverse outcomes and promote healthy development and aging among SGMs. I am a first generation queer scientist from a remote and rural community in Northern Ontario, and my success today are because from other queer scientists and mentor throughout my scholarly. I am heavily invested in a number of initiatives that aim to increase diversity within academia and STEM, and in particular biological anthropology. I hope one day, I will be able to be a PI of my own lab one day, and that I can supervise the next generation of queer human biologists and health scientists on research that promotes equity, inclusivity and values human biological diversity.

Twitter: @JamesKGibb