Amanda La Sala

She/Her, They/Them

I’m a lesbian and I am a geology Masters student.//

I’ve had a love of the earth and geology since I was a kid, with one of my earliest memories being my mum asking me “Your school bag is so heavy! What’s in it, rocks?” My answer was a simple “Yes!”. Since then, while other ideas about future prospects have come and gone, geology has been the… solid rock in my life (ba dum-tss). It’s home to me, I find myself explaining random things about the world to anyone who listens- whether it’s on a car trip and I notice ripple patterns in the sandstone walls, or if I find myself around likeminded science nerds. Geology is a passion for me in my life and I hope I can use my knowledge to create a positive impact upon the world we live in for future generations to enjoy! I’m currently completing my Masters of Research in Geology, with a focus on volcanology in western New South Wales.

Instagram: @geo_mandy