JA Grier


I am queer/trans/non-binary and I am a planetary scientist.//


I’m a research scientist, educator, poet, and artist. My scientific research includes studying the morphology of impact craters, how the lunar surface changes over time, and the comparison of remote sensing and laboratory sample data. My outreach work includes teaching classes at the university and community college level, helping museums vet their content, helping scientists engage in sci-comm, and providing professional development for K-12 teachers. I also write science fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and too many blog posts, in addition to creating paper art. I try to bring compassion into all that I do.

The planetary science community has overall been accepting of me as a non-binary/queer person, and my cohort/peers has been extremely supportive. Having come out as a mid-career scientist, I’m always looking to learn more about queer spaces and how to properly engage. Genderqueer/fluid people have certain unique challenges in STEM, and I want to find ways to support both myself and others who have these challenges, especially early career STEM folx.