Hannah Walker


I am bi and I am an atmospheric chemistry PhD student.//

I work at the University of Edinburgh and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology looking at the speciation of reactive nitrogen species in the background (unpolluted) atmosphere. Specifically, I am interested in the reaction kinetics of oxidised nitrogen species on a site level, how this influences local and regional air quality, and whether these could be utilised to accurately predict concentrations of species not measured. When I’m not working I’m rowing, and pretty much vice versa! Growing up I was constantly searching for role models in my life, both academic and otherwise. It wasn’t until I was doing my undergraduate degree that I found queer representation in my academic mentors and colleagues. As a result, I am invested in promoting and maintaining visibility in STEM, to provide more role models and a safe, supportive, welcoming community to those in the LGBT+ community aspiring to or currently pursuing careers in STEM!

Twitter: @hlwalker28