Gonçalo Igreja André


I am gay and I am a behavioural and evolutionary ecologist.//

I started my education at the University of Lisbon as a Biology undergraduate and, since the beginning, I had a deep curiosity for evolution and behavioural ecology. I pursued my interest by getting involved in diverse projects, and by following my undergraduate degree with a master degree in evolutionary and developmental biology. A few years later, I found myself finishing my PhD at the University of Western Australia. My PhD research focused on understanding the evolution of the mammalian penis bone and the stimulatory hypothesis for its evolution. I’m today a proud gay man, but that was not always the case. Similarly to many others, I did not have role models that I could follow, making me hide behind a facade. Today, I try to be visible and open about my experiences, to showcase the types of people that go into academia and to help people from all different backgrounds to feel included in academia.