Ezra Marker


I am queer and I am a synthetic chemist.//


Hello! I’m Ezra, and I’m an aspiring synthetic chemist!

I’m currently in my fourth year of undergraduate school, where I’m getting a major in chemistry and a minor in environmental studies. For the last year, I’ve been working with Dr. Stefan Debbert on the synthesis of anti-parasitic heterocyclic compounds to combat against schistosomiasis.

My future plans include attending graduate school, where I’ll truly explore chemistry and satiate my desire to do research/be in lab. Once out of graduate school, I’d like to become a chemistry professor that actively works to support, care for, include, and invite students into the scientific community – especially if they’re from a marginalized or underrepresented population. I have an abundance of love in my heart for chemistry; I want to encourage my students to become passionate about the subject and recognize that there is no innate talent or magical gene for chemistry or math. I also want them to realize that I will do my best to help them become successful – inside and outside of chemistry – regardless if they match my passion for chemistry or not.

When I’m not busy studying, working, or doing research, I’m enjoying nature, reading books, and crocheting.