Erman Dolmacı


I am non-binary and I am an environmental engineer.//

I did a MSc. in sustainable energy systems, and am now doing a MPhil. in environmental sciences (atmospheric track). Currently I am project coordinator in Diversity of Colours Project implemented by Queer Cyprus Association. I have always known my self as someone who is excited about ecology. Despite the fact that science– and especially engineering– is dominated by hetero-cis normativity, I studied environmental engineering and focused on air pollution in petrol stations. In my Sustainable Energy Systems MSc thesis I worked on the pelletization of grape pomaces from winery industry. Now I am working on hygroscopicity calculations of different particles. For my future plan, I hope to do a PhD on Queer Ecologies and combine my LGBTI+ activism with my academic background. I see the future as intersectional and am excited to queer it up!