Carl Bromwich


I am gay and I am a professor of medicine.//

I fell in love with natural history as a boy and followed through with an undergraduate degree in biology and a master’s degree in zoology at the University of Vermont, where I studied host-parasite relationships (Western fence lizards and malaria). Subsequently I studied medicine at Dartmouth and internal medicine in Montreal at McGill. After more than 10 years of doing medicine in the Arctic, I returned south for a palliative medicine fellowship in Ottawa. I have been doing and teaching palliative medicine at l’Université de Sherbrooke for 14 years. I am particularly interested in how the introduction of medical-aid-in-dying has affected palliative medicine. Out for the past 30 years, 20 of which have been spent raising four children, my favorite pastime for most of them has been counting birds as part of a citizen science project.