Emily Santos


I am bi and I am an environmental systems and geology Masters student studying tropical forest hydrology in water limited environments.//

As a scientist and educator I am passionate about repairing humans’ relationships with nature through community engagement, and have goals of using my research experience to be an effective ecological manager and champion for the conservation of tropical ecosystems. It is clear to me that significant challenges lie in the failure to fully protect forests-water-soil interactions in regional and global decision-making, and in wrapping up my MS research I have begun to recognize my role and responsibility in facilitating a desperately needed flow of biological information from scientific studies to neighboring social systems. My thesis work specifically aims to understand the hydrologic processes in a seasonally dry forest, which will give me insight into how it can best be managed and protected. In collaboration with non-profit organizations, students and local community members, I tested the hypothesis that the deforestation and degradation of native forest has resulted in decreased shallow subsurface water storage and plant available water. While much of my current research is based in South America, I call beautiful Humboldt County, California my home and remain involved with on-campus and local non-profit environmental research and activism.

Instagram: @for.what.its.earth