edward strickler


I am queer and I am an ethicist.//


I am a public health ethicist. Public health must be at once scientifically sound and ethically sound. I began from the early days HIV/AIDS in rural Virginia translating scientific literature into conversation and other engagement that rural publics could understand, accept, and use, despite the difficulty of the science and many stigmas involved with HIV/AIDS. In an advisory role with the Virginia Department of Health I served on various research planning, implementation strategy, and communications working groups lead by Dr Judy Bradford (a mentor to generations of LGBTQ+ public health scientists/researchers/leaders). Over the decades I continued to grow and apply skills with ‘translation’ of science into moral frameworks that could sustain trustworthy public health engagement, particularly with vulnerable communities, and especially with sexual and gender minority rural communities, and other working class, communities, who, mostly, have not have the benefit of stellar science education. The interfaces between public health and public safety, advocacy and public policy, have been important concerns in my work. I am retired from the School of Medicine, University of Virginia, and continue in public health ethics as member (and past chair) of the Ethics Section, American Public Health Association, and in other forums.