Edward Moreira Bahnson


I am queer and I am a vascular and redox biologist.//


I am also bisexual, and Latino, and a first generation college graduate, and an immigrant, and a University Professor. I was trained in a paradigm that to do science, it does not matter who you are, but only the science that you do. It took me a while to realize that the science that I do and who I am are deeply intertwined. Being able to be myself at work, allows me to do better science. I am proud to have learned that it is not necessary to take off any of my intersecting identities to put on a lab coat. Being a scientist, a professor, a researcher, and an educator adds to the complex mosaic of all that makes me who I am.
I started my training studying redox biology in Uruguay. I came to the US for my PhD and I focused on the vascular system and how redox biology influences the health and disease of blood vessels. As a postdoc I discovered the fascinating world of drug delivery and nanotechnology. In my lab, I am building a research program developing targeted drug delivery system to regulate the redox environment of the blood vessels to treat arterial disease.