Dr. Alyssa Allen


I am a lesbian and I am a chemist.//



I am a 2019 Chemistry PhD graduate from the University of Central Florida. My main focus of research during the PhD candidacy was on evaluating fire debris using different classification models in order to calculate likelihood ratios. This work was performed at the National Center for Forensic Science and helped aid in the field of forensics through the generation of Substrate and Ignitable Liquids Databases.

I currently am a chemist for the DOD where I am assisting in the demilitarization of a stockpile of chemical agent munitions that have been present since World War II. GC-MS and GC-FPD are the major instrumental analysis techniques that are used throughout my work.

I am a half-Black lesbian in a very straight, white male dominated space which is evident from the conferences, professors, and academic environment I have been apart of since undergrad. I am strong advocate for mental health focus in graduate programs, especially STEM fields. Representation matters for everyone in every field; STEM fields are no exception.